Identités (Identities), a 2018 French-Québec creation, in residence from March 15 to 27, 2016 in La Chartreuse, at the Centre National des Écritures du Spectacle, Villeneuve les Avignon.

First hosted by la Chartreuse in 2010 for the writing of her two last shows (Filaments – 2011, Regards – 2013), in August 2015 Séverine Fontaine began researching a new project with ten artists in Montréal. This project was selected for inclusion by the emerging Cube centre, at the Théâtre du Clou.

A form of concrete experimentation, this project was based on meetings, cultural sharing, openness to the Other, to our connection to nature and to our common origins. The substance of these exchanges in Québec formed the basis for an initial individual writing residency undertaken by Séverine Fontaine at la Chartreuse last November. She was again accompanied by two of the team’s collaborators: Annick Lefebvre, author, and Émilie Monnet, interdisciplinary artist. This residency was devoted to shared work on the material from the writing project carried out in 2015, on the development of texts and of the audio and visual direction.

A laboratory presenting the scenic, textual and dramatic development of the project took place on March 24, 2016 at La Chartreuse with participation and texts from Séverine Fontaine, Annick Lefebvre, and Émilie Monnet.

Conception & Artistic Direction
Séverine Fontaine

With the participation of Claudia Chan Tak, Véronique Côté, Jean-François Guilbault, Talia Hallmona, Sylvain Lavoie, Annick Lefebvre, Hubert Lemire, Émilie Monnet, Pohanna Pyne Feinberg and Martin Vaillancourt.