Identités (Identities), a 2018 French-Québec creation, in residence at the Usine C from September 12 to 14, 2016, Montréal.

The basic focus of IDENTITÉS is openness to the Other, to encounters and sharing. Our new societal model is composed of a growing number of individuals who carry within them diverse cultures, languages, and influences, which forge their identities. The old formula – one language, one country, one culture – is disappearing little by little. Yet, it seems clear that we are still finding it difficult to accept the treasures of our pluralism. The masks of our social personas serve increasingly to conceal our true natures. We are influenced by a priori judgements and clichés. These false beliefs prevent us from seeing the world that surrounds us and distance us from others. “Within this great pool of human and cultural diversity, what connects us to our common roots and to ourselves? What relationship do we maintain consciously or unconsciously with nature and animals, with rites and traditions, with the sacred and the spiritual? What influence do these relationships have on our psychic balance and our relationship to the Other?” S. Fontaine

Séverine Fontaine initiated this project in 2015 with a series of meetings with ten artists living in Montréal. After two residencies (La Chartreuse, France, March 2016 and the Cube, Montréal, June 2016), this period at the Usine C was devoted to sharing the material produced by all the artists associated with the project and to organizing the continuation of the research process in 2017.

Conception, Scenario writing & Artistic Direction
Séverine Fontaine

A project born of meetings and exchanges with artists living in Montréal:
Claudia Chan Tak, Véronique Côté, Jean-François Guilbault, Talia Hallmona, Sylvain Lavoie, Annick Lefebvre, Hubert Lemire, Émile Monnet, Pohanna Pyne Feinberg, Martin Vaillancourt, Tatiana Zinga

Theatrical advisor
Paul Lefebvre

A project built around the textual, choreographic, and audio productions of these artists and on new meetings to take place in 2017 in Québec and in France

Creative team engaged in developing the next stages in 2017 and 2018

The Cube, Centre International de Création, Montréal (in partnership with the Théâtre du Clou) / La Chartreuse, Centre national des Écritures du Spectacle, Villeneuve-les-Avignon / Usine C, Montréal / Maison des Métallos, Paris / La Gare Franche, Marseille / Other locations and co-productions underway in Québec and in France. With the support in 2015 and 2016 of the Région Rhône-Alpes, the Institut Français and the Ville de Lyon. Other sponsors requested for 2017, including the French Consulate General for Québec.